CEO:"What's the Value of our data?"
CFO:"Can we Trust our data?"
CIO:"Where is our Sensitive data located (PII/PCI/PHI)?"

Do More with Less; Increased Regulation & Scrutiny; Audit; Corporate Reputation

Business Challenges:
Complex, Legacy Systems; Limited Visibility of Sensitive Data Locations & Flows;
Corporate Culture; Ineffective Policies / Controls;
Big Data; Cloud; Bimodal IT


How do you determine the Value of your data?


How do you ensure the Trust of your data?


Is your Sensitive data secure?


ALEX™ is a marketplace for enterprise data that provides solutions that have been recognised by Gartner and Forrester in relation to Data Discovery & Data Profiling, Information Governance Stewardship, Risk Management and Metadata Management. Our customers include Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail and Utilities with users in Australia, Asia and India.

Software features include:

  • Automated Metadata Capture (Technology Agnostic)
  • Sensitive Data Discovery & Profiling (PII, PCI and PHI)
  • Usage & User Access Monitoring
  • Advanced Visualisation (Data Flow Lineage)
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Configurable Management Dashboards
  • On-demand ETL.






Understand your data

Monitor your cloud data assets

Build trust in your data

Unleash your analytics

Enable data sustainability


Accelerate Activities, Reduce Risk, Reduce Cost

Automatically capture and understand the end-to-end information landscape. Discover sensitive data locations (PII, PCI, PHI) including usage & access. Manage data in-line with it's value. Accelerate business decisions and outcomes.

What do our Customers Say?
- "24 times faster development of the Data Flow Diagrams."
- "Order of Magnitude assessments became 8 times faster"
- "Work to understand our complex information warehouse was reduced from 6 months to 4 weeks".

Metadata Capture

  • Intelligent Scanners
  • Data Discovery & Profiling
  • Usage data capture
  • Metadata discovery
  • Manual data capture

Out-of-the-box Solutions

  • Data governance
  • Sensitive data privacy dashboards (internal / cloud)
  • Simplification
  • Decommission
  • Cloud migration
  • Highly configurable

Workflow Management

  • Task assignment
  • Action traceability
  • Approval controls
  • Progress tracking

Linked Business Glossary

  • Business / legal dictionary
  • Automatic integration with BI solutions
  • Fully searchable

Metadata Stewardship

  • Administer users
  • Performance management and KPIs
  • Data quality management
  • Curation rules management


Click on each icon and download a PDF to learn more about a variety of business use cases:

ALEX™ for Privacy

A comprehensive platform for data privacy and security

Learn More

ALEX™ for Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Holistic and efficient approach to data asset governance, including business glossary integration, risk management and regulatory compliance

Learn More

ALEX™ for Risk Portfolio Simplification

Fast and easy way to gain better insight and visibility across your risk portfolio

Learn More

ALEX™ for Data Risk Management

Holistic approach to identifying, connecting and managing data risks associated with data assets and processes across organisational boundaries

Learn More

ALEX™ for Data Governance & Strategy

Sustainable support for data governance and development of usage and optimisation strategies

Learn More

ALEX™ for Asset Simplification

Simplification and decommissionining of data assets in a timely and cost effective manner

Learn More

Accelerating Business Outcomes

ALEX™ provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of applications that empower users to
effectively and efficiently solve business problems. ALEX™ has been globally recognised as a data management solution by Gartner and Forrester.

Privacy Solution for Identifying Potential Risks around Sensitive Data

How Will New Mandatory Data Breach Notification Laws Impact Your Business?

Learn More

Solution Offering for Accelerating Business Outcomes

Alex has been designed to address a range of industry
needs including simplification, migration, decommissioning, compliance and data governance.
Learn More

Forrester: "Data Governance Stewardship And Discovery Solutions"

Alex Solutions has been assessed in the top 8 of 22 global vendors addressing all three categories of: Metadata management, data governance stewardship and data discovery.

Gartner 2016 Cool Vendors: Information Innovation

ALEX Solutions offers a capabilities-driven, architecture-agnostic approach to information governance and data asset management.

Gartner 2016 Cool Vendors: Risk Management

What makes ALEX cool as a summer breeze is its ability to visualize and understand information assets. Providing a simple user interface that represents an end-to-end view
of an organization's data.

The Forrester Wave: Data Governance Stewardship 2016

ALEX focuses on risk analysis and provides support for the data governance life cycle and data quality, and it can easily extend to tackle privacy concerns.


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