Technology Agnostic

Any data anywhere – we know that one size does not fit all, which is why from day 1 our approach is to be technology agnostic. Whether it’s on-premise and cloud systems, Alex’s strength is unifying them in a single platform.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

We pride ourselves on having one of the lowest total of ownership for an enterprise Data Catalog. From fastest to implement and getting value to being effective to maintain – you don’t need an army of consultants with Alex.

End to End: Harvesting & Cataloging

From day 1, we’ve understood the importance of integration and representing complex data environments in simple ways. This has led Alex to be the only vendor to control and build for both ends of harvesting and catalog for Metadata Management. We control quality, costs, strategy and vision of both ends.


We want you to focus on your data not infrastructure. Alex’s high level of automation and flexible underlying technology allows us to run the world’s largest enterprise Data Catalog.

Single Platform

We don’t piece together our solution like other vendors. Alex comes out of the box with one platform enabling many different use cases, from both risk and value lenses.

Fully Automated

From harvesting to curation, Alex has been built with sophisticated and effective automation from inception. This has led to improved quality, effectiveness and efficiencies in all our customer environments.

World’s Best Data Lineage

Data Lineage is not an afterthought for us. Dynamic and highly automated Data Lineage and Business Impact Analysis allows Alex customers to have a deeper understanding of their data landscape.

Flexible Ontology

Our flexible ontology configuration enables various concepts, properties, hierarchies and taxonomies – configurable with no code or third party services to accommodate any enterprise.

Consumerisation of Metadata

Alex focuses on building for our end users, both business and technical, incorporating design philosophies from leading consumer companies around the world.

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