Make Policy Reality.

Data security policies can be stored in the Alex Intelligent Business Glossary, allowing teams to design and kick off workflows that clarify and automate privacy processes. With trusted categories of sensitive data and risks, and the ability to collaborate in a single platform across all relevant processes, Alex Data Security makes compliance concrete.

World's Best Connectors.

Alex can automatically scan your system to detect sensitive data, immediately identifying its location, access controls and history. Out of the box, Alex can detect sensitive data including but not limited to PII, PHI and PCI, across the widest range of both structured and unstructured data technologies.

Demonstrate Compliance. Easily.

Alex Data Lineage reveals the entire lifecycle of data within the organisation, including how it transforms. Lineage is entirely automated, scanning your systems and generating a detailed map that is perfect for attesting to compliance. One of the world’s largest companies is leveraging our Lineage to report their entire dataflow — including all processing — to the regulator.

Rapid Analysis for Rapid Remediation.

Alex Data Security includes automated monitoring of sensitive data, providing usage and permissions heatmaps to identify data and systems that are at risk of exposure. Alerts to data owners are triggered when risk levels rise. From here, teams can rapidly take remedial actions by configuring access controls, revising and enacting policies and actively prevent data losses.

Enable your entire organization on the backbone of comprehensive and compliant Data Security.

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