Set and Maintain Quality Controls.

Data Quality rules, controls, policies and procedures are all fully customisable within Alex. This means that your quality measures and rules are configurable to be bespoke to your organization’s particular needs. Alex can automatically scan and track quality factors such as completeness, uniqueness, timeliness, validity, consistency, integrity and more.

Find and Fix Quality Issues - Fast.

When Alex detects a quality issue based on your custom parameters, it will alert responsible data owners and allow for quick remediation. Alex Data Lineage traces quality issues back to their original source, and can provide a true impact analysis on changes made during remediation, reducing risk.

Automation is Always Working.

Alex Data Quality is always working for you. With our easy to use and customizable UI, team members can configure their optimal quality dashboard, which provides updates on quality metrics or processes relevant to their most-used data. Automated workflows can be kicked off to query data owners on any potential issues and enable collaborative quality assurance.

Business Context.

Alex is designed for maximum usability and business value. The built-in Intelligent Business Glossary means every quality issue is traceable to the area of the business that is responsible for that data. End-to-end social functionality connects users and teams across the enterprise, allowing for seamless information sharing and collaboration to improve data quality.

With technical prowess and complete configurability, Alex elevates all your data to a top-notch standard.

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