End-to-End, Cross System.

Alex provides an end-to-end view of data and all its transformations from source to reporting. Alex builds trust in data for decision-making by telling you if it’s up to date, accurate and complete.

Real-Time Impact Analysis.

Alex is the only platform that can show you impact analysis from any piece of data, anywhere in your entire enterprise landscape, at any time. Analysis can be done at the columnar, table and report level, and every potential upstream or downstream impact of a change can be shown.

View what matters to You.

Alex Data Lineage is fully configurable, capable of providing both technical and business lineage at scale that accommodates all users to uncover flows and conduct vital business functions. Lineage does what you need it to, granular or high-level.

Beautiful, Simple Visuals.

By designing an easy to navigate, yet beautiful lineage visualisation, Alex makes it a pleasure to work with data. Hundreds of different applications holding over tens of millions of data assets have been scanned to generate report-ready Data Lineage visualisations.

Powerful Automation.

Alex can automate close to 95% lineage out of the box. Understand your system’s data, its lifecycle and your reports faster. Automation replaces manual data capture and analysis, and provides the foundation for simple and repeatable processes.

Make Compliance Simple.

Some of the world’s leading financial institutions use Alex Data Lineage to support APRA, OAIC, GDPR, CCPA and other compliance efforts. Alex Lineage appears in the highest level reports because it’s trustworthy and easy to understand and use.

Gain fast, aesthetic and trusted visibility of your organization’s complete data landscape.

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