True Enterprise Catalog.

Alex is the single source of truth for your enterprise. We take a technology agnostic approach and tackle the most complex data systems in the world with an eye for creating simplicity.

Any Data, Anywhere, any time.

Alex customers are able to unify all enterprise applications in the one catalog, exponentially increasing value and enhancing visibility to create a truly democratised data program. Looking for something? Simply consult our “Google-like” search to find, browse and filter the right data.

Seamless Scalability.

Alex is a flexible technology that can scale, powering the world’s largest data catalog with over 20M data assets ingested in over 250 different systems. Alex grows with your organisation – you can never get too big.

Governance is Native.

Establish policies, assign data stewards and track processes directly within Alex to build a world-class data policy system. Have the confidence in Alex Augmented Data Catalog that all your governance decisions are made with trust in the foundational data.

Powerful Automation.

Automation is the beating heart of the Alex platform. Leveraging AI, Alex can populate and enrich metadata within your catalog in minutes. Spend less time on analysis and more time on action.



Largest Number of Connectors.

Alex has purpose-built the world’s largest marketplace of plug-and-play metadata connectors that harvest the richest metadata for legibility and actionability.


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