Alex Augmented Data Catalog is powered by the industry’s best machine learning, rapidly providing a unified, enterprise-wide data platform.

There’s a lot that makes Alex different.

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No other Data Lineage has the end-to-end Business Impact analysis capabilities of Alex.

No matter how complex your technical landscape may be, Alex Data Lineage helps you map and understand your data flows in an automated and secure way.

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Worldwide teams need worldwide coordination. Alex Intelligent Business Glossary’s beautiful UI and rich functionality is perfect for conducting global collaboration.

Combat complexity of the multi-cloud and global enterprise by unifying all definitions, policies, metrics, rules, processes, workflows and more. Power global data governance programs.

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Data can’t be secured without first being understood. Accelerate sensitive data discovery and operationalise compliance quickly with Alex Data Security.

Organisations are dealing with more data than ever before. Systems grow and security can easily be compromised. Alex can make policy reality with a dedicated suite of security features.

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If you’re not making decisions with data you’re working in the dark. Data-driven decision making requires Quality.

Alex Data Quality enables effective Data Management by ensuring that you’re only using the highest quality data to make mission-critical decisions with full confidence.

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Enterprise Data Systems are moving to the cloud. Alex can help.

Alex is a foundational pillar of our customer’s cloud success. No platform can integrate the number and complexity of cloud and on-premises technologies that Alex can.

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Connect with your entire system in the same amount of time as your favourite movie.

Augmented Data Catalog, Lineage, Security, Business Glossary, Quality and more… Everything starts with Alex’s Intelligent Connectors.

Our Connectors are the best in the business. We have more of them than anyone else, and they work faster and better. Simple.

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