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What is Alex Solutions™?

Alex Solutions™ is a marketplace for enterprise data that enables data-centric business outcomes. Recognised by Gartner™ and Forrester™ as a leader in providing solutions across Data Discovery & Data Quality / Profiling, Information Governance Stewardship, Risk Management and Metadata Management domains. Our customers include top-tier Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail, and Utilities, with implementations in Australia, Europe, America, and Asia


Data Catalog

A recognised global-leader, Alex Solutions™ provides a flexible, technology agnostic, highly scalable, unified enterprise Data Catalog.


Business Glossary

The Business Glossary feature enables business users to define and maintain key business terms and link them to Physical Data Assets, Processes, and Outputs.


Policy Driven Data Quality

Alex Solutions™ changes the Data Quality conversation by combining end-to-end data lineage, with detailed data profiling, and machine-learning based intelligent tagging.


Intelligent Tagging

By leveraging machine-learning techniques to automatically add Business Context to physical data assets and processes, Alex Solutions™ brings meaning to business glossary definitions and industry data models.


Technology Agnostic Metadata Scanners

Alex Solutions™ brings the world’s largest variety of out-of-the-box metadata scanners, that can be configured to collect a wide variety of metadata including Usage information, Sensitive data detection, end-to-end lineage, and data profiling information.



Use Alex Solutions™ built-in workflow features allow users to initiate, manage, and track of a variety of data-centric actions.

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